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Since 1972 thousands of men from every imaginable background have successfully received treatment at Chabad Rehabilitation Center, based on criteria established by the national institute on drug abuse, Washington DC. Graduates of our long-term program achieve far above the national recovery rate in their quest to re-orient their life.

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Chabad views drug abuse as a symptom of a deeper problem. Our program uses a psychological-therapy and 12 step model that concentrates on the underlying issues contributing to dependence. We focus on establishing a structure that promotes recovery and improves the quality of life, placing special significance on ethical and moral growth that is so vital to the development of personal integrity. Accordingly, although the program is non-sectarian, it is based on the age old values of Jewish Torah, the source of Judeo-Christian values.

Jewish Drug Recovery Los Angeles


Our goal is to give each client the foundation and motivation to lead an alcohol and drug free lifestyle with confidence, as a productive member of society. Chabad works to ensure that each graduate will have the tools he needs to effectively cope with the psychological, environmental, emotional and interpersonal triggers of relapse.
Subliminal Surrender
Self-surrender doesn't mean jumping off a bridge.
Self surrender means surrendering the self. Putting aside the "I want," the "I need,"
the "I think such-and-such."
Even the "I am."
Self-surrender is the subliminal drive behind all authentically good deeds.
But as the world becomes more materialistic and the challenges greater, that self-surrender can no longer stay so subliminal.
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe; words and condensation by Tzvi Freeman. To order Tzvi's book, "Bringing Heaven
Down to Earth", click here

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